Our Dallas based multimedia production company offers full video production services including documentaries, movies (from shorts to full length feature films, music videos, editing, and post production. We pride ourselves in providing video production services tailored to each of our clients. We will help you create original and compelling high definition video to capture the attention of your target audience while effectively portraying the message you want. From script writing to production, we can walk you through the process in a convenient and time-efficient manner. Compare us to the other production companies in North Texas, and you will see that there is no comparison in price and quality.


At Authors Issue Multi Media Group, we value our clients and will always strive to offer the best service and value for high definition video and media production services. Our company is highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of production, and our team of writers, producers, camera operators, and video editors do a magnificent job on every project. We are always available so email us at


Services We Offer:

·         Movie/ Music Video Production

·         Internet Commercial Video Production

·         Website / Web  Series Video Production

·         Promotional Video Production

·         Instructional / Training Video Production

·         Event & Gala Video Production

·         Show / Documentaries / Promos Video Production


About us

Authors Issue is a Multi Media Group that specialize in all your entertainment needs. If you enjoy reading books, we offer EBooks and printed books by published authors. Maybe you have been desiring to tell your story and have loss the path to completion, we can help. Authors Issue offers aid to DIY authors. We have experience with online and printed book cover designs and even classes that show you how to self publish.

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